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Hi, I'm Jess. I've decided to join the blog world in an attempt to keep myself accountable for the weight loss journey I'm about to embark upon. In short, I'm a new mommy but these are not all new pounds and I'm preparing for the battle ahead.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Busy, Busy

Two weeks since my last post.  I've been done both weeks and although I won't reach my 10lb goal by Thanksgiving, I'm still happy that I have not gained since beginning.  My progress has been slow and I know exactly why.  Of my 3 step plan, only point counting gets accomplished.  Water comes in half way accomplished, and exercise is non existant.  I'm finding it difficult to figure out how I'm supposed to include exercise in my days.  I started my Master's, have a 7 month old, a house to look after, and a husband who would like a little attention now and again.  I have arranged child care for when I'm in class but didn't really think about the readings and assignments I'd need to do at home.  As such, I'm spending every minute without my daughter either in class or with my nose in a book.  This leads to needing to maximize on after bedtime when really what I want to do is sleep.  She still wakes for a night bottle and all of this wrapped up nicely leaves one over tired mommy.  Getting off my rear to exercise amongst this feels like an impossibility.  I was taking my daughter for walks when I started but the weather has been so horrible lately, this hasn't been possible.

In any case, this is just me whining.  I got myself into this predicament and I know I can manage with the priorities, I'm just not sure how to squeeze in exercise as one of these priorities. 

On to another struggle....damn Halloween treats!!!  I love this time of year but the mounds of chocolate and chips bought to hand out to kids.....that don't make it to the actual night....is interfering with my will power!  It's tough when counting points too becasue these are generally only a point a piece so it seems not a big deal but at the end of the day, when you review what you've eaten and realize half your points came from chocolate, it's pretty easy to see why the loss is so slow!

And next comes Turkey dinner.....

Mmmmmmm, food.....

Til next time,

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