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Hi, I'm Jess. I've decided to join the blog world in an attempt to keep myself accountable for the weight loss journey I'm about to embark upon. In short, I'm a new mommy but these are not all new pounds and I'm preparing for the battle ahead.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Busy, Busy

Two weeks since my last post.  I've been done both weeks and although I won't reach my 10lb goal by Thanksgiving, I'm still happy that I have not gained since beginning.  My progress has been slow and I know exactly why.  Of my 3 step plan, only point counting gets accomplished.  Water comes in half way accomplished, and exercise is non existant.  I'm finding it difficult to figure out how I'm supposed to include exercise in my days.  I started my Master's, have a 7 month old, a house to look after, and a husband who would like a little attention now and again.  I have arranged child care for when I'm in class but didn't really think about the readings and assignments I'd need to do at home.  As such, I'm spending every minute without my daughter either in class or with my nose in a book.  This leads to needing to maximize on after bedtime when really what I want to do is sleep.  She still wakes for a night bottle and all of this wrapped up nicely leaves one over tired mommy.  Getting off my rear to exercise amongst this feels like an impossibility.  I was taking my daughter for walks when I started but the weather has been so horrible lately, this hasn't been possible.

In any case, this is just me whining.  I got myself into this predicament and I know I can manage with the priorities, I'm just not sure how to squeeze in exercise as one of these priorities. 

On to another struggle....damn Halloween treats!!!  I love this time of year but the mounds of chocolate and chips bought to hand out to kids.....that don't make it to the actual night....is interfering with my will power!  It's tough when counting points too becasue these are generally only a point a piece so it seems not a big deal but at the end of the day, when you review what you've eaten and realize half your points came from chocolate, it's pretty easy to see why the loss is so slow!

And next comes Turkey dinner.....

Mmmmmmm, food.....

Til next time,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Moving Along

I'm officially changing my weigh in day to Tuesdays.  Monday is a particularly busy day for me and I'm finding it difficult to remember to blog and/or at least sign in to update my weight loss ticker. 

I'd like to be moving along faster with this whole weight loss thing but I'm happy that the loss has continued.  With all the technology in the world, why hasn't anyone managed to "discover" a fast, safe, and healthy method of weight loss?  You know, one that maybe involves taking a little pill with a spoonful of sugar (or chocolate) while sitting on my derriere watching television.  Ah, to dream.  But the hard work must continue.  Like right now.  It's getting on 11pm and my stomach is rumbling while my head envisions various forms of bread, pasta, pizza, and a variety of scrumptious desserts.  I'm ignoring all the little voices that seem to be calling from my kitchen and will instead head to bed soon. 

Til next time,

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gaining Confidence

My weigh in on Monday had me down 2.0lbs.  I was hoping for a little more but since Aunt Flo arrived for a visit this morning, I probably shouldn't be too hard on myself.  Such a wonderful addition to weight loss....to get slapped by fluctuations of water that are out of our control yet we still seem to think we should be able to overcome.  I have stuck with my points and am feeling more confident that I am going to be able to keep my eating under control for the first time since I was about 7 months pregnant!  I even started a cake course on Sunday and didn't spend the afternoon eating all that I had made! 

I'm struggling with drinking enough water right now.  Perhaps it's from my pregnancy days and getting very sick of drinking nothing but water and milk - blah.  Perhaps that's just an excuse.  But really, I just have no desire to drink water and I know how important it is, not only for weight loss, but for my skin, and health in general.  Someone needs to figure out a way to make water more exciting.  Crystal Lite has done a good job but I find myself partial to the flavours that aren't available in Canada, like Fruit Punch, yum!

I've decided on a goal.  I would like to hit the 10lb loss mark by Thanksgiving.  With many family events, I would love to feel confident attending.  Currently, I get upset everytime I have to leave my house for a place that track pants and bulky sweaters are inappropriate.  I stress over what to wear and try different outfits, nixing them all and engaging in several rounds of beating myself down with negative thoughts.  It usually ends in me realizing I have no choice but to go and after giving myself one final disapproving look, I remind myself my daughter was worth it and that I won't feel like this forever, that I am working towards a change.  It would probably do me good to go out and buy some clothes that fit, that I feel look good but I fear this will only interfere with my overall goal.  I feel this will somehow be admitting defeat and accepting the size I am currently at.  I want to continue to work towards fitting back into the clothes I once felt somewhat confident in.  Perhaps this is the wrong way to approach this though? 

I'm just not sure.  But, the baby is crying and it's time to jump into momma mode.
Til next time,


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Semi-Success

I'm feeling pretty good about this weekend.  It wasn't perfect, but it was pretty damn close!  Friday night I stayed within my points despite having company while others were drinking and we played cards.  Saturday I went to the Orono Fair.  I had a hot dog and a soft serve ice cream.  I counted this the best I could, ate lower cal for breakfast and dinner, and figured at the end of the day I was 4 over.  I saved those 4 points today and despite feeling a little hungry now, I'm going to drink some water and head to bed soon.  I didn't get any intentional exercise in this weekend but I did walk all over the fair Saturday and ran my behind off today with housework and laundry so that has to count for something!  I also drank all my water except for Saturday.  I'm pleased and am hoping the scale will show my efforts tomorrow morning.  It's Big Brother night so I don't have much else to say today....except maybe "GO LANE GO!"


Friday, September 10, 2010

On my way

This week is going far better than last week and I feel really good about it!  I have exercised 3 days in a row and have maintained my points and water since Monday!  I forgot how good it feels to end my day knowing that I did not overeat, I did not sit on my behind all day (as much as you can with a baby at home), and I drank something other than diet pepsi!  It seems so minor but feeling as though I am accomplishing something this week gives me a glimmer of hope that returning to my pre-pregnancy weight is possible.  I was beginning to feel as though I would never get the motivation back.  I believe I can do this, I believe the will power is in me somewhere, and I believe that I can get to a place where I will no longer look in the mirror and frown at my reflection.

The challenge ahead is the weekend.  Friday night is looming and I swear there is a voice in my head that screams - time for some REAL food!  Even when I was at goal weight, I maintained by following a very simple plan.  Strict eating Sunday-Thursday, and "I see it, I eat it" Friday and Saturday.  I am definitely a binge eater and find it hard to stop once I get going.  I also find it difficult to just have one bad for me meal.  The second I have something I shouldn't, I figure I've blown it so I might as well blow it well!  It's a bad attitude and requires a change in thinking that I just haven't figured out how to make.

I'm hoping choosing Monday as my weigh in day will help me keep my weekends in check.  It certainly wouldn't be hard to undo all I've done in a matter of two days!

Crossing my fingers.....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Success At Last!

After beginning just over a week ago, I have finally had a successful day in meeting my 3 step plan - I stayed within my points, drank all of my water, and exercised!  Hallelujiah!  I felt great going to bed last night and even avoided the annoying little man that lives in our candy dish and calls to me when I pass by the kitchen table.  I also discovered that pushing a "14lb meatloaf" in a stroller on a very windy day is quite the workout!

Tonight's challenge is dinner at my parent's.  A standing date for just over 3 years now.  Wednesday nights my brother has his daughter and so we come together for a family dinner.  Now the food cooked is generally not the problem although it is carb loaded.  When you come from a Scottish background that's how you live - meat and potatoes, with bread and butter on the side!  But, carbs aside, I lived at home when I first did weight watchers so my parents are very well trained!  My mom will take out boiled potatoes for me before adding the milk/butter to mash the rest and will save me some veggies that have not been cooked in butter and garlic.  So as long as I watch portion control, I can make it out just fine.  The real challenge is timing.  My brother tends to be the "chef extraordinaire" on these nights and unfortunately his creative process is far too slow for my liking!  I find myself so hungry waiting for dinner to be ready that I begin to snack on the various things around my parents house....candy dish, chips, cookies.....bah!  I've asked repeatedly for him to try to have dinner ready at a decent hour....7pm is not an appropriate dinner time in my world....but alas, I get told to be thankful he's cooking and pretty much "shut it".  I realize there is a simple solution - grab an apple to fill me up.  Unfortunately, that sounds completely unappetizing on most days so the simple solution loses out to more tasty options of satisfying hunger....and thus, the cycle continues! 

We added squash to my daughter's food repertoire this morning with great success.  Her first look was definitely one of "what the hell are you feeding me" but then she gobbled up the rest so momma's happy yet again! 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Surprisingly, it's a loss!

First weigh in!  I was pleasantly surprised after a disappointing start, to see that I was in fact down a pound.  I've done weight watchers enough to know that your first week is usually a much bigger loss due to the significant change in eating habits but in all honestly, I was terrible this week!  Not one day did I accomplish my 3 step plan.  The sad truth is I exercised only once in 7 days, drank enough water only once in 7 days, and stayed within my points target for only 3 of 7 days.  To top it off, I indulged at Mandarin on Wednesday and at Blue Heron buffet just last night.  To lose a pound is shocking and I'll take it!  This morning is going well.  I've had 2 glasses of my water and had a light breakfast.  With no major social engagements or celebrations this week, here's hoping I do a much better job of meeting my goals!

Feeding my daughter solids is going very well.  We've added peas to her palate with great success!  Peas for breakfast and dinner!  Can you imagine how easy it would be to maintain your points and get enough fruits/veggies if you found peas appetizing as a breakfast food??

I'm sad that summer is coming to an end but am excited for the silver lining - the return of great TV!! 

Here's hoping this week goes much better!